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[Orgmode] Re: contributing Debian build scripts

From: Mark A. Hershberger
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: contributing Debian build scripts
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 13:21:46 -0400
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Carsten Dominik <address@hidden> writes:

> Can you please first elaborate what it would mean if we were to take
> over the production of this package?

Mosty, when releases are made, it would mean adding a changelog entry to
the debian/changelog file, re-building the source package and then using
dput to send the updates to Launchpad.net

> Where would we have to submit it or put it up on the web so that it
> would be found as an official package?

I think the best way would be for me to create a group on Launchpad and
then invite people to be a part of that group.  Anyone in the group
could submit packages to the package archive.

> How does all of this work?

The packaging scripts are kept in a debian subdirectory that can be in
the same repository as org-mode itself or (as I've been doing) in a
separate source repository.  I've been using bzr-builddeb to create the
packages since this allows me to maintain my packaging scripts
separately from the upstream source.

It looks like Launchpad has introduced support for automated daily
builds and build recipes
(https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DailyBuilds/BzrBuilder) since I last looked, so
the work involved is probably going to be less than what I've been doing.

After thinking about it a bit, I've created an Org-Mode group on
Launchpad and requested an import of the Org-Mode git archive into a
launchpad repository there so that it can be used in build recipies.

I've also pushed my build scripts to that group so anyone who joins can

So, next steps are: set up a daily build.

Anyone interested in contributing is welcome to join:




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