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[Orgmode] Re: Not a bug, but ...

From: Jean-Marie Gaillourdet
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Not a bug, but ...
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 14:18:57 +0200

Hi Bernt,

On 28.06.2010, at 13:23, Bernt Hansen wrote:

> Jean-Marie Gaillourdet <address@hidden> writes:
>> Hi Bernt,
>> On 27.06.2010, at 14:21, Bernt Hansen wrote:
>>>> Currently, I use the following function to circumvent the hiding of my
>>>> stuck projects.
>>>> (defun jmg/stuck-projects ()
>>>> (interactive)
>>>> (let ((org-agenda-dim-blocked-tasks nil))
>>>>  (org-agenda-list-stuck-projects)
>>>>  ))
>>>> Is it possible to bind it to the standard agenda shortcut C-c a # ? Or
>>>> to achieve the same effect just with special agenda command
>>>> configuration?
>>> Yes it is possible to rebind # in an agenda custom command.  I've done
>>> that since I now use non-standard stuck project definitions.
>> Yes, I've seen it in your documentation, but is it possible to
>> org-agenda-list-stuck-projects from a custom agenda definition?
> There is a stuck-projects selection (like tags, tags-todo, etc) but I've
> never tried.  I assume it works.

Indeed, there is a stuck mode. Thanks, for the hint. But it isn't documented in 
the docstring of org-agenda-custom-commands, although it is available from the 
customization interface.

Such a line in org-agenda-custom-commands seems to work:

("#" "Stuck projects" stuck "" ((org-agenda-dim-blocked-tasks nil)))


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