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Re: [Orgmode] mobileorg - "No executable found to compute checksums"

From: Nick Dokos
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] mobileorg - "No executable found to compute checksums"
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 22:45:32 -0400

Buck Brody <address@hidden> wrote:

> Could you give me an example of what you mean when you say "customize the
> variable to be the path name"?

M-x customize <RET>

Type `org-mobile-checksum-binary' in the Search box and click on the Search 

Move the cursor to the headline and press <RET> to expand it (if necessary).

Move the cursor to the text box that contains the default path (in my case,
it says /usr/bin/shasum), erase it and type in the correct path for your
case: it's hard to be specific here because I don't know which program you
have (or have downloaded) and where you put it. If you followed Richard's
suggestion of getting the shasum.exe program and you put it in in /system/win32
you should say


(NB: in general, you should take whatever I say with a grain of salt,
but when I talk about Windows, you should use at least a bucket ;-) - but
I'm sure somebody will correct any mistakes here.)


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