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[Orgmode] how to include time when setting deadlines?

From: Michael Gilbert
Subject: [Orgmode] how to include time when setting deadlines?
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 02:03:43 -0700

Hi —

I understand the time format in orgmode, but something is eluding me. Many of 
my projects have specific times for deadlines (that is to say, time of day on 
the date due). I can't see how to enter that other than by hand. When I type 
C-c C-d, I get the wonderful date prompt system. But I have not been able to 
discover how to get that to prompt me for the time or to include a time, like 
it includes month and day, etc. I've spent some time with the manual and 
searching the archives, but my search skills haven't prevailed. Any advice?


— Michael

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