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[Orgmode] [unimportant] A few org quotes

From: Puneeth
Subject: [Orgmode] [unimportant] A few org quotes
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2010 01:02:12 +0530

I was just digging twitter for some interesting stuff people do with org-mode.

I found a few quotes that could possibly get into org-quotes.org on Worg.

  + Emacs org-mode makes me happy. That is all. http://orgmode.org/ --
    Ben Martin on

  + I'll use org mode, goodbye strange and uncompatible software,
    hello pure text. João Brito http://bit.ly/9qkfRc #orgmode, #emacs
    -- Aris Bezas on

  + @middleclasstool Been reading about orgmode too, huh? That's the
    only reason I'm considering betraying vi -- dusty/coriolisdave on

  + Org-Mode is the handiest application I have ever
    used. #orgmode #emacs -- Jason Scroggins on

In general, how does a quote get into Worg?


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