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Re: [Orgmode] how difficultwould it be to support zotero in org?

From: Christian Moe
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] how difficultwould it be to support zotero in org?
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2010 23:35:58 +0200
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That Zotero forum thread was interesting, thanks for pointing to it.

With Scott Campbell's ZotSelect.js translator installed in Zotero, dragging and dropping an entry from Zotero into an Org test document results in e.g.:


Putting this in double square brackets gives an Org link:


To make it do something, you don't even need the elisp he posted. In Org a link abbreviation with a shell command will do. On a Mac, once Fresno is installed in one's path, this should work:

  #+LINK: zotero shell:fresno -p "zotero:%s"

After reloading, clicking that link and answering "yes" brings up Zotero in Firefox, with the correct entry selected.

(Haven't tested it but I think something like

  #+LINK: zotero shell:firefox -remote "openurl(zotero:%s)"

should work on Linux...?)

Now, the question is, is this what you want to do? And what more do you want Org to do with Zotero?

Personally, I use Zotero to collect references, but export them to BibTex (with a few tweaks to the translator) so I can use the much faster and less disruptive interface of RefTex to insert references into Org. But Scott Campbell's translator could save me from having to re-export my Zotero collection every time my writing calls for a reference I have to add to Zotero.


On 9/2/10 6:19 PM, Matt Price wrote:

This is all beyond me, but I was reading on the zotero forums about
efforts to integrate zotero citations in emacs:
Towards the end of hte thread is some useful-looking elisp code, and I
wondered how hard it would be to massage it into something org could
use?  otero integration would be a big plus for me and doubtless an
increasing number of others.

i fel like i've asked enough questions for a 24-hour period so i'l
ltry to stop now.

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