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[Orgmode] Bounce: Bug in iCal export?

From: Guy Wiener
Subject: [Orgmode] Bounce: Bug in iCal export?
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2010 15:06:17 +0300

Hello everyone,
Sorry for bouncing, but I got no response, and this behavior seems to me like a bug,

I encountered the following weird behavior: When I set the option to #+OPTIONS: tags:nil, and export an org file to an iCal file, the tag part of the heading is still included in the description. E.g.:

#+OPTIONS: tags:nil
* TODO do this              :tag:

Is exported as:

SUMMARY:do this              :tag:

Beside being redundant, it also makes the entry in a calendar application ugly.

What I want is to see the summary without the whitespace and tag part. Can this behavior be configured or patched somehow?

  Guy Wiener

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