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[Orgmode] setting index.org for MobileOrg

From: ishi soichi
Subject: [Orgmode] setting index.org for MobileOrg
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2010 10:52:59 +0900

Hi.  I have a question about setting MobileOrg.

The directory needed for MobileOrg seems fine.  I am a little confused how I should write "index.org" in order to make links to other org files.

If I write in index.org like,

* [[file:project.org][an important project]]

the index.org makes a link to the file, "project.org", then I can view and edit this file with iPhone as well as iPod touch.  Am I correct?
I have written this way, and executed on Emacs "org-mobile-push", then pushed the sync button.  It does not show the link to the file, project.org at all.  
I don't know why but " * [[file:project.org][an important project]] " part was erased from index.org.  

Am I doing something wrong or I simply misunderstand how it works?


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