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[Orgmode] Bibtex and latex export

From: Rafael Calsaverini
Subject: [Orgmode] Bibtex and latex export
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 13:00:58 -0300

Hi there, 

I'm trying to use org-mode to compose latex documents and I'm having a problem with bibtex. When I export to pdf with C-c C-e p, pdflatex runs and everything works gracefully with respect to the latex code (the output is even prettier than I used to have patience to do only with latex), but bibtex isn't called. 

I tried to fiddle with org-exp-bibtex, which is nice, but apparently it don't call bibtex either. 

I tried to edit the function that calls pdflatex to include a call to bibtex, but to be honest I know zero about lisp, so I couldn't even edit a simple list of commands. :P (I must be the only emacs user in the world that can't write or read lisp... it would be swell if I could use haskell to extend emacs instead of lisp :P). 

How should I go about automatically including a call to bibtex whenever I want to export my org document as a pdf?

Thanks for your time, and sorry to bore you with simple questions...
Rafael Calsaverini
Dep. de Física Geral, Sala 336
Instituto de Física - Universidade de São Paulo

CEL: (11) 7525-6222
USP: (11) 3091-6803

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