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Re: [Orgmode] Color of exported R code results using LaTeX listings

From: Eric Schulte
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Color of exported R code results using LaTeX listings
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 08:24:19 -0400
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Hi Steven,

If your R blocks are outputting actual R code, then you can use the
"code" argument to the :results header argument to have the output
exported as R code under listings instead of within verbatim blocks.
--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
#+begin_src R :results code 8 #+end_src

--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

Alternately if your output is some other language you could use the
":results latex" header argument and explicitly provide the listings
wrapper yourself.

Hope this Helps -- Eric

Steven Delean <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi everyone,
> I am using org-mode to make a beamer presentation that includes blocks
> of R code and wish to export the source code and results to pdf in
> color (using the listings package).
> The source code block syntax is highlighted successfully, but the
> output results of the executed R code are not colored at all.
> The results are presented in \begin{verbatim}...\end{verbatim},
> whereas the source code is presented within
> \begin{lstlisting}...\end{lstlisting}. I can affect changes to the
> fontsize and color of the source code using \lstset in the .org
> document header, but not the results output from evaluating the code.
> Is there some way I can export these results in color?
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> Regards,
> Steve
> PS I have the follwing in my .emacs
> (require 'org-latex)
> (setq org-export-latex-listings t)
> (add-to-list 'org-export-latex-packages-alist '("" "listings"))
> (add-to-list 'org-export-latex-packages-alist '("" "color"))
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