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[Orgmode] Latex export of subtree not working for me

From: Torsten Anders
Subject: [Orgmode] Latex export of subtree not working for me
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2010 00:06:37 +0100

Dear all,

sorry for bothering you again with my question from a couple of days ago (see below).

I would appreciate with someone could briefly confirm whether exporting/publishing a subtree works for you (so I know whether the reported problem is related to org mode or to my own Emacs configuration).

Thank you very much!


On Wed, 15 Sep 2010, Torsten Anders wrote

Dear all,

I would like to export only a subtree of an org file to PDF via Latex (ultimately using the package beamer).

When doing export/publish (C-c C-e) I am given a menu with options, including the options "only export current subtree" and "publish enclosing subtree". If I choose any of these and then select a publishing command (e.g., export to Latex), then I get the following error.

  org-export: Symbol's function definition is void: activate-mark

What am I missing?

BTW: I am using the latest org mode version (just did git pull) with Aquamacs 1.9 on MacOS 10.5.

Thank you very much!

Torsten Anders

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