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[Orgmode] does #+PROPERTY still exist ?

From: Vincent Belaïche
Subject: [Orgmode] does #+PROPERTY still exist ?
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 07:21:05 +0200

In the org manual node `(org) Property syntax' one can read the

--8<-------------coupez ici--------------début-------------->8---
   If you want to set properties that can be inherited by any entry
in a file, use a line like 
     #+PROPERTY: NDisks_ALL 1 2 3 4
--8<-------------coupez ici---------------fin--------------->8---

However this does not seem to work.

What I did to get the same effect is place a property drawer before the
first title, and then set 

#+OPTIONS: skip:t

In order to disable export of this drawer (because I am exporting
drawers in general).

I would like to know whether this is a bug, and if yes I can provide a
patch to the manual with work-around explained above.


PS: #+PROPERTY does not work with completion `C-M-i' either

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