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Re: [Orgmode] problem with label in latex export

From: Indraneel Majumdar
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] problem with label in latex export
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 15:05:38 +0530
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Thanks Bastien, this works inline. Please put it in the manual, it's just one line. I've spent looking for it every inch of the manual for more than a day.

So will you be putting in \phantomsection for inline targets to work? I guess if someone is using a <<target>> then it's more likely /not/ to be a section heading. Putting it at a section heading doesn't hurt, but not having it inline makes for a useless <<target>>. Off course for Latex only, so probably should be in the exporter.


On 2010-09-22 14:40, Bastien wrote:
Hi Indraneel,

Indraneel Majumdar<address@hidden>  writes:

     Some text
12.  More text [[target][go to]]
You're right that there is a problem.

The usual way of turning radio links invisible is to comment them, but
Org comments need to be at the beginning of the line, which breaks list
indentation.  (Btw, no need for the '+' in '#+' -- '#+' is the syntax
prefix for optional elements like blocks, etc.)

The workaround here is to add (INVISIBLE) after your<<target>>

This works:

     Some text
12. More text [[target][go to]]
It exports okay in HTML and LaTeX.

I've added a FAQ entry for this -- not sure whether it should go in the

Thanks for bringing this up!

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