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[Orgmode] org and Things.app - next actions and sorting items

From: Marcelo de Moraes Serpa
Subject: [Orgmode] org and Things.app - next actions and sorting items
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 12:02:09 -0500

Hi list,

I've taken a break of org for two weeks and started using Things.app
on OSX. It is a great app, simple and effective. However, nothing
comes close to the simplicity and powerfulness of org, mainly for
someone used to emacs. I came back to org and felt at home.

With org, I have a gtd.org file, that lists projects (items tagged as
:PROJECT:) and actionable items (Any item with a TODO). I have other
several tags for the TODO items such as :CALL:, :HOME:, :PERSONAL:,
:WORK:, etc. I then use the agenda to slice and dice as I wish, the
global todo list being the one I use the most (and sometimes
restricting this same view by tags).

One thing that I miss though is the concept of a ubiquitous Next
Actions list. I know it is simply a list, and filtering in the agenda
for TODO items could be the equivalente of that, *except* that with
Things I can reorder as I will, so, I was constantly putting the very
next action list at the top and would eventually re-negotiate this
decision throughout the day. With org, though, re-ordering is clunkier
and takes more time. I could of course, just re-order directly on my
gtd.org file, but I have a bit of additional noise there that I don't
want (non-todo items, specifically items tagged as projects).

I wonder if it would be possible to re-order  directly on the agenda
buffer, move an item up or down?

Anyway, food for thought :)


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