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[Orgmode] Latex Export

From: Chris Malone
Subject: [Orgmode] Latex Export
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2010 10:55:20 -0400 (EDT)


I'm using emacs version 22.2.1 on a Fedora Core 9 machine. I'm new to org-mode and am interested in using it to write LaTeX documents/Beamer presentations. When I load the export dispatcher with C-c C-e, however, I do not have the "l" option for LaTeX export; I only have the following:

[t]   insert the export option template
[v]   limit export to visible part of outline tree

[a] export as ASCII
[h] export as HTML
[b] export as HTML and browse immediately
[x] export as XOXO

[i] export current file as iCalendar file
[I] export all agenda files as iCalendar files
[c] export agenda files into combined iCalendar file

[F] publish current file
[P] publish current project
[X] publish... (project will be prompted for)
[A] publish all projects

Is there something that I need to turn on in my .emacs file or an additional module that needs to be installed to have access to the LaTeX exporter?


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