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[Orgmode] Re: [Babel] Macro for begin_src?

From: Sébastien Vauban
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: [Babel] Macro for begin_src?
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 23:01:56 +0200
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Hi Dan and Greg,

Dan Davison wrote:
> Sébastien Vauban <address@hidden>
> writes:
>> Hi Eric,
>> "Eric Schulte" wrote:
>>> The snippets used by the starter kit are available in their own git
>>> repository at http://github.com/eschulte/yasnippet-org-mode
>> Trying to clone it, I get:
> I think the above URL is for a web browser. The URLs for git are listed
> on that page. I normally use the "Git Read-Only" URLs of the form
> git://github.com/eschulte/yasnippet-org-mode.git


Best regards,

Sébastien Vauban

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