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Re: RE [Orgmode] Re: Issues with org-mode and LaTeX export.

From: gerald . jean
Subject: Re: RE [Orgmode] Re: Issues with org-mode and LaTeX export.
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 13:58:24 -0400

Thanks again Tassilo,

here is what I tried.

Tassilo Horn <address@hidden> a écrit sur 2010/10/21 13:42:59 :

> address@hidden writes:
> Hi Gerald,
> >> I think this should do what you want, e.g. enable babel with english
> >> and francais options:
> >>
> >> --8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
> >> (setq org-export-latex-packages-alist
> >>       '(("english, francais" "babel" nil)))
> >> --8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---
> >>
> >> > Does the .emacs file needs to be modified every time one wants to
> >> > a new package?
> >>
> >> If you want a new package in every exported document, add an entry of
> >> form (OPTIONS PACKAGE nil) to the list above.
> >
> > That works, thanks, but when do you use "#+LATEX_HEADER:" then?
> I don't use the LaTeX export at all (at least regularily). :-)
> > I thought that if I wanted a package just for this one org file that
> > it was the way to specify it, sure doesn't work for me?
> Yes, the docs say so.  I had the impression that you want to enable
> babel for each exported org file, so I chose the version above.  But you
> can also use
You were right for the babel package, I use it all the time.  But some
other packages not so often

> #+LATEX_HEADER: "\usepackage[english, francais]{babel}"
> in your org file, which should have the same effect.

I tried this:

#+LATEX_HEADER: "\usepackage{longtable}"

No effects?

> > I also looked at the manual to selectively export a part of the org
> > file.  They talk about the "org-export-select-tags" and
> > "org-export-exclude-tags"; these variables don't even exist?
> They do.  Are you still using that old org version 5.x?  If so, well,
> then maybe there were no such variables.  And somewhen in org version
> 6.x the export facilities were completely rewritten, so I guess you are
> pretty alone with your problems unless you get a recent version.

For the time being I am stuck with this version.  I am sending a request to
our IT group to upgrade Emacs to the most recent version for the version of
RedHat we have, this should have a more recent version of org-mode, if I am
lucky that should be done in a couple weeks.  In the mean time I will
manually add, or exclude, what I want from the exported "*.tex" file.

For the little I have done with org mode I still think it looks like a
great package and I am planning to learn to use it better so I use it more.
Thanks to all contributors.


> Bye,
> Tassilo

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