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[Orgmode] Re: [PATCH] unicode nbsp in org-emphasis-regexp-components

From: Łukasz Stelmach
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: [PATCH] unicode nbsp in org-emphasis-regexp-components
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 23:05:07 +0200
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Carsten Dominik <address@hidden> writes:

> On Oct 23, 2010, at 12:39 AM, Łukasz Stelmach wrote:
>> The Unicode contains a NON-BREAK SPACE character at position 0xA0.
>> IMHO org-mode's emphasis code should by default treat this (any
>> other?) character the same as normal space. When i write:
>>    It was a /big bang/.
>> I'd like the "big bang" to be put in italic especially when exported
>> to HTML. (I don't know if it goes properly through all the mailing
>> systems but I put the "\u00A0" between "a" and "/" above.)
> I am aftraid that this will break flavors of Emacs which do not
> support unicode characters, like Emacs 22.  Org-mode still supports
> Emacs 22.  And I do not know how to write this in a way that it
> will remaind compatible. Do you?

How about simply checking the Emacs version? 

(defcustom org-emphasis-regexp-components
  (if (<= 23 (string-to-number (car (split-string emacs-version "\\."))))
      '(" \t('\"{\u00A0" "- \t.,:!?;'\")}\\" " \t\r\n,\"'" "." 1)
    '(" \t('\"{" "- \t.,:!?;'\")}\\" " \t\r\n,\"'" "." 1))

The problem with earlier version is that although most, if not all, ISO
Latin pages put `NO-BREAK SPACE' at 0xA0 some may use different
codepages. But they can do this also in newer Emacsen if they haven't
converted their files yet, can't they?

If you think putting `A0' in that regexp may break things, then I'd
suggest putting a note about it somewhere for people who'd like to
customise it for themselves.

Miłego dnia,
Łukasz Stelmach

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