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Re: [Orgmode] Bug: Resilience to leaving Emacs w/o clocking out [7.02tra

From: Dave Abrahams
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Bug: Resilience to leaving Emacs w/o clocking out [7.02trans]
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 21:07:02 -0400

On Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 3:39 PM, Carsten Dominik
<address@hidden> wrote:
> On Nov 1, 2010, at 3:56 PM, David Abrahams wrote:
>> Remember to cover the basics, that is, what you expected to happen and
>> what in fact did happen.  You don't know how to make a good report?  See
>>    http://orgmode.org/manual/Feedback.html#Feedback
>> Your bug report will be posted to the Org-mode mailing list.
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> I wrote this to John W:
>>> Somehow I ended up with this in todo.txt:
>>> *** DONE [#A] Check in elisp state
>>>  SCHEDULED: <2010-10-31 Sun>
>>>  :LOGBOOK:
>>>  CLOCK: [2010-10-31 Sun 13:31]
>>>  CLOCK: [2010-10-21 Thu 12:01]--[2010-10-21 Thu 16:43] =>  4:42
>>>  :END:
>>>  :Link: [[file:~/elisp/package.d/wl-gravatar.el::]]
>>>  :ID:       A661E17F-4526-4BBB-B8E7-43651123C472
>>>  :END:
>>>  [2010-10-12 Tue 10:05]
>>> As a result, when I fired up emacs, it would always tell me there was a
>>> dangling clock, but I couldn't clock out, even by `j M-x org-clock-out'.
>>> Eventually I figured out to use "J" and it got cleaned up, but I'm still
>>> a bit baffled about how I ended up in this condition.
>> and he replied:
>>> This happens for me if I exit Emacs without clocking out first.
>> Seems like a bug.
> No, this is meant to work like this.  Next time you start up Emacs,
> you get a chance to fix this clock.  What would you like to happen?
> That you always clock out when you exit Emacs?

No, I expected that I'd at least be *able* to clock out with `M-x
org-clock-out' after I start Emacs back up.

Dave Abrahams
BoostPro Computing

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