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[Orgmode] [BUG] org splitting window weird layout

From: Leo
Subject: [Orgmode] [BUG] org splitting window weird layout
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2010 10:43:58 +0000
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/23.2.90 (Mac OS X 10.6.5)

Hello all,

Function org-fast-tag-selection may create a three-window layout like
this: http://imagebin.org/127056.

This is due to org-switch-to-buffer-other-window subject to
split-window-sensibly and thus

  (org-switch-to-buffer-other-window " *Org tags*")

is not guaranteed to switch to the window created by

I have temporarily fixed the problem with the patch attached
(http://imagebin.org/127057). I think a proper fix may have to be in
org-switch-to-buffer-other-window, i.e. add an extra argument to
indicate preferring horizontal or vertical split and let bound
split-width-threshold or split-height-threshold accordingly, and fix the
places where it is used.

diff -c /usr/local/unix/site-lisp/orgmode/org.el\~ 
--- /usr/local/unix/site-lisp/orgmode/org.el~   Mon Dec  6 18:24:00 2010        
+++ /usr/local/unix/site-lisp/orgmode/org.el    Thu Dec  9 10:30:09 2010        
@@ -13026,7 +13026,7 @@
                       (setq exit-after-next (not exit-after-next)))            
                    (setq expert nil)                                           
-                   (split-window-vertically)                                   
+                   (set-window-buffer (split-window-vertically) " *Org tags*") 
                    (org-switch-to-buffer-other-window " *Org tags*")           
                 ((or (= c ?\C-g)                                               
Diff finished.  Thu Dec  9 10:30:48 2010                                        


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