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Re: [Orgmode] agenda does not call file

From: Maurice Boucher
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] agenda does not call file
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2010 17:31:53 +0100
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Hi Carsten,

Carsten Dominik <address@hidden> écrivit :

> you have discovered that in a block agenda view, it
> is only possible to *restrict* the range of files
> used in a block, not to widen it.  I was not aware
> myself of this restriction, but looking at the code
> I see it is there.
> The reason for this is that, in order to speed things up,
> Org does some prep work on the agenda files before parsing
> for the different blocks.  At that prep stage, all the files
> are pulled in.
> So you can get this to work by setting the list of agenda
> files to all agenda files plus the extra file in the *global*
> option section for this custom command.
> The following might work (untested):
> ("no" "osm"
> ((tags "CATEGORY=\"openstreetmap\"+note"
>       ((org-agenda-remove-tags t)))
>  (tags "CATEGORY=\"openstreetmap\"+note"
>       ((org-agenda-files '("/home/momo/org/ordi/carto.org"))
>        (org-agenda-remove-tags t)
>        )))
> ((org-agenda-files (cons "/home/momo/org/ordi/carto.org" (org-agenda-
> files)))))
> This should work because the values in option sections are
> evaluated before use (which is why you normally would
> have to quote them).

Thanks for your answer.

Your code is right but it gives twice the same agenda and it was not my

I want to recognize which are the files my notes come from.

I add a filetag "carto" on my file carto.org to separate the agenda view
and with your example, I rewrite my command :

("no" "osm"
         ((tags "CATEGORY=\"openstreetmap\"+note"
                ((org-agenda-remove-tags t)))
          (tags "CATEGORY=\"openstreetmap\"+carto"
                ((org-agenda-files '("/home/momo/org/ordi/carto.org"))
                 (org-agenda-remove-tags t)
         ((org-agenda-files (cons "/home/momo/org/ordi/carto.org"

I use to put notes about the same subject in different files or sections
like "answer mail", "program". I just keep important and definitive
notes in special files (here "carto.org"). By this way I can see and
reorganize all of them.

I think the most difficult about org-mode is not about configuration -
documentation, faqs, tutorials are very good - but about organizing
files, todo, tags, etc. in the best way to keep these objects small,
simple and well structured. 



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