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[Orgmode] Solved the problem of org-capture apparently not working

From: Charles Cave
Subject: [Orgmode] Solved the problem of org-capture apparently not working
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2011 00:32:21 +0000 (UTC)
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In early January I posted what I thought was a bug report with org-capture.

I found that capturing to a date-tree didn't always work and in one file the 
capture was written to the wrong place.

Well, the problem was with the data!  One of my headings began with 2011.

The tree looked something like this (edited)

* 2010
** 2010-12 December
*** 2010-12-05 Sunday
**** A heading
**** 2011 Actions  <---------- this caused the problem
**** Another heading
*** 2010-12-06 Monday

In 2011 when I captured into this file's date-tree, 
org-capture found the headline 2011 Actions which matched the algorithm
and the captured item appeared at the end of the headings at that level.

My suggestion to eliminate the problem is to modify the org-capture algorithm
so years have to match beginning of line + one asterisk + one space + the year

Similarly, months could match beginning of line + two asterisks + one space + 
the year + hyphen + month number + space + Monthname.    But the chance of this 
format heading appearing outside a date-tree would be very low.


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