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Re: [Orgmode] Problems with source code listings in PDF

From: Rainer M Krug
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Problems with source code listings in PDF
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2011 16:25:02 +0100
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On 02/08/2011 03:59 PM, Avdi Grimm wrote:
> I'm working on creating a PDF eBook with Org-Mode, and I'm running
> into some difficulty getting them to come out looking decent.
> I've followed the directions I found in the list archives for
> outputting colorized source code listings. I set
> org-export-latex-listings to t, and customized
> org-export-latex-packages-alist according to the directions in the
> org-export-latex-listings docs.
> I'm seeing a few problems with the output:
> 1. There is no color; only bolded keywords.

add these definitions to the headers of the org file - they should
provide colour and a list of other things you can customize - these are
not from me, I think they are from this list or from worg.



#+LATEX_HEADER: \definecolor{light-gray}{gray}{0.9}
#+LATEX_HEADER: \lstset{%
#+LATEX_HEADER:     basicstyle=\ttfamily\tiny,       % the font that is
used for the code
#+LATEX_HEADER:     tabsize=4,                       % sets default
tabsize to 4 spaces
#+LATEX_HEADER:     numbers=left,                    % where to put the
line numbers
#+LATEX_HEADER:     numberstyle=\tiny,               % line number font size
#+LATEX_HEADER:     stepnumber=0,                    % step between two
line numbers
#+LATEX_HEADER:     breaklines=true,                 %!! don't break
long lines of code
#+LATEX_HEADER:     showtabs=false,                  % show tabs within
strings adding particular underscores
#+LATEX_HEADER:     showspaces=false,                % show spaces
adding particular underscores
#+LATEX_HEADER:     showstringspaces=false,          % underline spaces
within strings
#+LATEX_HEADER:     keywordstyle=\color{blue},
#+LATEX_HEADER:     identifierstyle=\color{black},
#+LATEX_HEADER:     stringstyle=\color{green},
#+LATEX_HEADER:     commentstyle=\color{red},
#+LATEX_HEADER:     backgroundcolor=\color{light-gray},   % sets the
background color
#+LATEX_HEADER:     columns=fullflexible,
#+LATEX_HEADER:     basewidth={0.5em,0.4em},
#+LATEX_HEADER:     captionpos=b,                    % sets the caption
position to `bottom'
#+LATEX_HEADER:     extendedchars=false              %!?? workaround for
when the listed file is in UTF-8

> 2. Listings are formatted in a not-very-well-rendered font with serifs
> that just doesn't look good at all.
> 3. In begin_example sections, spaces are replaced with odd little
> curved underscores.
> I've attached some examples to show what I mean.
> I'm running Org-Mode 7.4 on Ubuntu 10.10 with Emacs
> Has anyone had any luck formatting source code and example listings in
> PDF output? What I'd really like to get is output identical to the
> listings exported to HTML.
> Thanks!
> --
> Avdi Grimm
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