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[Orgmode] Re: A mail client that is org-mode compatible

From: Stephen Eglen
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: A mail client that is org-mode compatible
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 14:47:50 +0000
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> Hi every one,
> I would like to move to an emacs mail client that may be org-mode and MIME  
> compatible. Have you any idea ? 

I switched to using MH-E (from VM) a couple of years ago.  I did try
GNUS but found it a bit too overwhelming.  Overall, I'm happy with
MH-E -- I like that it comes wiht Emacs, and so the code tends to be
actively maintained, which was not the case for VM.  (However, VM is now
under new developers, so you may find it works better.)  The search
engine mairix works well too with MH-E.

Org knows about MH-E in that for example, org-store-link works when you
are reading a message in MH-E.

The notmuch mailing list in the last few days has had some discussion
about org support, so you might want to read those comments.  I am
tempted to look at notmuch, so would be curious about what other people


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