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[Orgmode] Beamer export questions/suggestions

From: Derek Thomas
Subject: [Orgmode] Beamer export questions/suggestions
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 14:20:44 -0600

Before I get to my questions, I would like to commend all those
involved in the development of org-mode.  I'm a new user and I've been
amazed by the features, utility, and the support/documentation

My first question relates to frames in beamer export.  Is it possible
to set a tag or otherwise indicate that a frame should appear without
a title, or as an empty frame (no header or footer)?  My second
question may be more of a suggestion if the feature is not available.
I currently use the testpos package in latex to position my figures in
beamer.  Is there a native org method to specify figure location in
org-beamer?  If not, it could be a nice feature for those preparing
presentations in org especially if it had the option to specify
quadrant location and relative size in a simple manner.  Thanks again,


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