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Re: [Orgmode] ePub and Org mode

From: Christian Moe
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] ePub and Org mode
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 22:46:02 +0100
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I agree exporting 'chapters' in a single Org document to separate html files would be a nice option to have.

Pending someone writing an export function for this, you could

- post-process the HTML with one of the scripts out there for splitting up web pages, like htsplit available on CPAN;

- or go the Org -> DocBook -> `chunked' HTML route?

But just out of curiosity, why would you like this for the purpose of making an ePub book? Are you using a tool that requires it? (Unlike, e.g., Calibre, which takes a single HTML file as input, with TOC built from e.g. H2 as chapter headings.)


On 2/19/11 10:25 AM, Alan L Tyree wrote:
Greetings from Down Under,
I am constructing an ePub formatted book. It came to me in plain text and I 
have formatted in org-mode.

It is easy to export to XHTML, the first step in ePub construction, but I would 
like every chapter to be a separate file. It is easy enough to do this with a 
macro or a simple function (even though I am no elisp guru). Is there an export 
function that does this? I didn't see it in the docs and I don't see anything 
about it doing a Google search.

What would really be nice, is a single command to create the ePub file.

Any help appreciated.


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