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[O] Questions on LaTeX Exporter

From: Rasmus
Subject: [O] Questions on LaTeX Exporter
Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2011 21:50:33 +0100
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I am trying to move more seriouse text tasks from AUCTeX to Org. Mostly
because it allows me to link to pdf articles, and have * COMMENT in the
same file.

However, I have noticed at least one non-acceptable issue. When using
using English, LaTeX (via Babel or just default) full-stops (≈double
space) will be inserted after dots. However, with abbrevation one would
use an ordinary space (i.e.\ an escaped space ("\ ") in LaTeX). Org does
not seem to notice abbrivations—how could it?—and further "\ " is
interpreted literaly. I need to have an escaped space.

One solution, which would yield much overheat, would be to use babel and
LaTeX fragments. See:


Also, for fixme notes, I use =[[latex:fixme][insert citation]]= at the
moment. Does anybody have a nicer solution? For example, having the
fixme note folded, placed in a footnote or similar?


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