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[O] org-contacts from bbdb: a starting solution

From: Wes Hardaker
Subject: [O] org-contacts from bbdb: a starting solution
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2011 12:51:38 -0800
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I finally decided to take a wack at a bbdb to org-contacts converter.
I'm attaching the file below.  It should prompt for a file and
insert all your existing bbdb records into the file using the formats
and fields that I decided was appropriate ;-)

(require 'bbdb-to-org-contacts)
M-x bbdb-to-org-contacts 

Now...  I've been using bbdb for a very very long time.  That means that
I have a lot of records.  That means that this was a good chance to find
out how well org-contacts scales.  The sad news is that it doesn't.
Once I point org-contacts at my newly generated file containing 831
records it make org-contacts really really slow down.  I wouldn't care
about the normal record searching process for just looking something up,
but it makes loading a message in gnus unusable (5 second delay per message).

So...  I need to filter down to "current ones I need to keep" or we need
to optimize the contacts a bit to cache file points where a record for a
given email address is stored or something.

Wes Hardaker                                     
My Pictures:  http://capturedonearth.com/
My Thoughts:  http://pontifications.hardakers.net/
(require 'bbdb)
(require 'bbdb-com)

(defvar bbdb-to-org-contacts-record-prefix "***")

(defvar bbdb-to-org-contacts-record-blanks "   ")

(defun bbdb-to-org-contacts (to-file)
  "outputs a org-contacts file"
  (interactive (list (read-file-name "Save in file: ")))
  (let* ((filename (expand-file-name to-file))
         (records (bbdb-records)))
    (find-file filename)
    (while records
      (bbdb-record-to-org-record (car records))
      (setq records (cdr records)))

(defun bbdb-record-to-org-record (record)
  "converts a single record"
  (let* (
         (name    (bbdb-record-name record))
         (company (bbdb-record-company record))
         (net     (bbdb-record-net record))
         (aka     (bbdb-record-aka record))
         (phone   (bbdb-record-phones record))
         (address (bbdb-record-addresses record))
         (notes   (bbdb-record-notes record))
     (format "%s %s\n" bbdb-to-org-contacts-record-prefix name))
     (format "%s :PROPERTIES:\n" bbdb-to-org-contacts-record-blanks))

    (when aka
       (format "%s :AKA:\t%s\n" bbdb-to-org-contacts-record-blanks
               (mapconcat (function (lambda(str) str)) aka ", "))))

    (when net
       (format "%s :EMAIL:\t%s\n" bbdb-to-org-contacts-record-blanks
               (mapconcat (function (lambda(str) str)) net " "))))

    (when company
       (format "%s :COMPANY:\t%s\n" bbdb-to-org-contacts-record-blanks 

    (when phone
        (function (lambda(rec) 
                    (if (stringp (elt rec 1))
                        (format "%s :PHONE_%s:\t%s"
                                (upcase (elt rec 0))
                                (elt rec 1))
                      (let ((len (length rec))
                            (count 2)
                            (output (format "%d" (elt rec 1))))
                        (while (< count (1- len))
                          (setq output
                                (concat output
                                        (format "-%d"
                                                (elt rec count))))
                          (setq count (1+ count)))
                        (format "%s :PHONE_%s:\t%s"
                                (upcase (elt rec 0)) output)))))
        phone "\n"))
      (insert "\n"))

    (when notes
       (format "%s :NOTES:\t%s\n" bbdb-to-org-contacts-record-blanks notes)))

     (format "%s :END:\n" bbdb-to-org-contacts-record-blanks))

(provide 'bbdb-to-org-contacts)

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