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Re: [O] Rework org-export-html-preamble/postamble (again)

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: [O] Rework org-export-html-preamble/postamble (again)
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 19:11:04 +0100
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Hi Jason,

Jason Dunsmore <address@hidden> writes:

>> You mean that, without any :html-preamble and with
>> ̀org-export-html-preamble' set to `t' (as it is by default in these
>> patches), you don't see any <h1>title</h1> ?
> If :html-preamble isn't set, I see an <h1>title</h1>.  

When :html-preamble in a publishing project, it falls back on
org-export-html-preamble, which defaults to `t'.

You need to set :html-preamble to nil so that the HTML export
doesn't insert <h1>title</h1>.

> If it is set, 

(to what?)

> but without explicitly defining "<h1 class=\"title\">%t</h1>" in the
> :html-preamble string, there is no <h1>title</h1>.

When :html-preamble is set to `t' in a publishing project, and
org-export-html-preamble-format hasn't been modified, it should
insert <h1 class=\"title\">%t</h1> -- it does here.  Can you give
an example I can test?

> This is not how
> it worked before the recent changes to html exporting (ie. previously it
> wasn't necessary to explicitly define <h1>%t</h1> in the :html-preamble
> string).  

It is not -- just check that org-export-html-preamble is `t' and that
should be all right.  In th recent changes, I tried to make sure that 
the defaults produce the same HTML output than defaults in 7.4.

> The previous behavior seems more consistent.
> This is with the latest git version (commit b6b7057467b6b).
> `org-export-html-preamble' is set to `t' in all my testing.

Thanks for this report again...


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