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Re: [O] [BUG] in LaTeX export

From: Thomas Holst
Subject: Re: [O] [BUG] in LaTeX export
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 11:21:18 +0100
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Hi Bastien,

ยท Bastien <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi Thomas,
> Thomas Holst <address@hidden> writes:
>>   _abc /_abc/ *_abc* /a_bc/ *a_bc*
> You need to escape the underscore:
>   \_abc /\_abc/ *\_abc* /a\_bc/ *a\_bc*
> HTH,

thank you for your answer. Escaping does help. But I thought with setting

#+OPTIONS: ^:{}

there is no need to escape underscores.

#+begin_src org
  _abc and /a_bc/ 

is correctly exported:

#+begin_src latex
  \_{}abc \emph{a\_{}bc}

without escaping the underscore. Only strings wihch start with an
underscore and are emphsised are not exported correctly.

#+begin_src org

gets exported to:

#+begin_src latex

Which confuses latex.

Best regards

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