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[O] [PATCH][ANN] org-html/org-odt

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: [O] [PATCH][ANN] org-html/org-odt
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 00:02:49 +0530
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/24.0.50 (windows-nt)

This is a formal request to integrate my org-html.el & org-odt.el
changes in to the master branch. 

This patch introduces 3 major features:
1. A generic exporter
2. All new html backend re-implemented as a plugin to (1).
3. A odt backend as a plugin to (1).

The patch is based on git commit 3d802.

I am attaching a sample test.org and test.html file generated by the
above set of changes. 

Http URL for the repo is:
- http://repo.or.cz/w/org-mode/org-jambu.git/shortlog/refs/heads/staging
(`staging' branch of `org-jambu.git')

Let me know if you have any questions. 

ps: Considering the amount of effort I have already invested in these
patches it is almost impossible for me to break down this monolithic
patch in to series of smaller patches. I would be willing to accommodate
all other requests.

Attachment: 0001-Re-implement-org-export-as-html-and-add-support-for-.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: test.org
Description: test.org

Testfile for OpenDocumentText Exporter

Table of Contents

1 Character Styles

1.1 Bold

This is bold text

1.2 Italic

This is an italicized text

1.3 Underline

This is an underlined text

1.4 Code

This is a code text

1.5 Verbatim

This is a verbatim text

1.6 Strikethrough

This is a strikethorugh text

1.7 Super and Subscripts

Y = a0X2+a1X1+a2

2 Miscellaneous

Here is a ndash –, a mdash —, an ellipsis ….

and a horizontal line

3 Paragraph Styles

3.1 Quotation

3.1.1 Style1

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler – Albert Einstein

3.1.2 Style2

    Everything should be made as simple as possible,
    but not any simpler -- Albert Einstein

3.2 Verse

Great clouds overhead

Tiny black birds rise and fall

Snow covers Emacs


         – AlexSchroeder

3.3 Centered

This is a centered paragraph.

3.4 Example

3.4.1 Example Style 1

First line of the example.
Second line of the example.

3.4.2 Example Style 2

    First line of the example.
    Second line of the example.

3.5 Source Block

3.5.1 Emacs Lisp Block

(defun helloworld () 
  (message "hello world"))

3.5.2 Org Source Block

* Some Appointment
  SCHEDULED: <2010-11-17 Wed>

4 Embedded ODT

4.1 Handcrafted Para

This is a handwritten html para

4.2 An Equation as Embeded MathML

A trigonometric equation embedded in MathML

5 Lists

5.1 Simple Lists

5.1.1 Numbered List

This is a numbered list.

  1. L1N1
  2. L1N2
  3. L1N3

5.1.2 Bulleted List

This is a bulleted list.

  • L1B1
  • L1B2
  • L1B3

5.1.3 Description List

There is a nested description list down below

This is a definition for Term-1 which wraps around to the next line
This is a definition for Term-2 which wraps around to the next line
Definition for Term-2.1
Definition for Term-2.2

5.1.4 A Complex List

  1. L1N1
    1. L2N2
    2. L2N3
  2. L1N4
    • L2B1
    • L2B2
      • L3B3

        First paragraph.

        Second paragraph.

      • L3B4
  3. L1N5
    1. L2N6
      1. L3N7

5.2 A Very Complex List

5.2.1 Lord of the Rings

My favorite scenes are (in this order)

  1. The attack of the Rohirrim
  2. Eowyn's fight with the witch king
    • this was already my favorite scene in the book
    • I really like Miranda Otto.
  1. Peter Jackson being shot by Legolas He makes a really funny face when it happens.
    • on DVD only

But in the end, no individual scenes matter but the film as a whole. Important actors in this film are:

Elijah Wood
He plays Frodo
Sean Austin
He plays Sam, Frodo's friend. I still remember him very well from his role as Mikey Walsh in The Goonies
Embedded Definition 1
Embedded Description 1
Embedded Definition 2
Embedded Description 2

6 Images

6.1 Image URLs

See the You can see the official logo of Orgmode here: http://orgmode.org/img/org-mode-unicorn.png

6.2 Inlined Images

6.2.1 A simple inlined image


6.2.2 A simple image with caption and label


Unicorn Logo

6.2.3 An image that is explicitly sized


Unicorn Logo

6.2.4 An image that is scaled


6.3 Thumbnails

This is a clickable image

6.4 Reference to an Image

Please refer to 1024 for further information.

6.5 LaTeX Fragments

6.5.1 LaTeX Fragment1

There is a equation down below.

     e = \frac{1}{2}mv^2

6.5.2 LaTeX Fragment2


If $a^2=b$ and \( b=2 \), then the solution must be either $$
    a=+\sqrt{2} $$ or \[ a=-\sqrt{2} \].

7 File URLs

8 Links

8.1 Targets

8.1.1 Fuzzy Target

8.1.2 Target with CUSTOMID

8.1.3 Dedicated Target Style1

8.1.4 Dedicated Target Style2

There is a dedicated target at the end of this sentence - Dedicated Target1 .

8.1.5 Radioed Target

8.2 References

8.2.1 References to Fuzzy Target

This is a link to Fuzzy Target.

8.2.2 References to CUSTOMID links

This is a link to Target with CUSTOMID. This is nodesc link to #aabbccddeeff.

8.2.3 References to Dedicated Target

There is a link to nodesc Dedicated Target here. There is a link to Jump to Dedicated Target here.

There is a link to Dedicated Target1 here.

8.2.4 References to Radioed Links

This section has references to Radioed Target. One more reference to Radioed Target.

9 Tables

9.1 A simple Orgmode Table

EST New York -5:00
IST Madras +5:30
AST Bahrain +3:00

9.2 A formatted Orgmode Table

An Example Table
Labels C1 C2 C3
R1 (Right) R1C1 (Left) R1C2 (Center) R1C3 (Right)
R2 R2C1 R2C2 R2C3
R3 R3C1 R3C2 R3C3
R5 R5C1 R5C2 R5C3
R6 R6C1 R6C2 R6C3

9.3 Table.el Table with no Spanning

Term Percentage








10 Table Referenced

Please refer to 10 for further information.

11 Footnote Definitions (Part 1)

12 Footnote Usage

12.1 Plain Footnotes

Footnote1. One more reference to footnote1.

12.2 Named Footnotes

Footnote named XYZ2.

12.3 Inlined Footnote

Inlined footnote3

12.4 Named and Inlined Footnote

Named and Inlined footnote4

13 About Orgmode

Org is a mode for keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, and doing project planning with a fast and effective plain-text system.

Org develops organizational tasks around NOTES files that contain lists or information about projects as plain text. Org is implemented on top of Outline mode, which makes it possible to keep the content of large files well structured. Visibility cycling and structure editing help to work with the tree. Tables are easily created with a built-in table editor. Org supports TODO items, deadlines, timestamps, and scheduling. It dynamically compiles entries into an agenda that utilizes and smoothly integrates much of the Emacs calendar and diary. Plain text URL-like links connect to websites, emails, Usenet messages, BBDB entries, and any files related to the projects. For printing and sharing of notes, an Org file can be exported as a structured ASCII file, as HTML, or (TODO and agenda items only) as an iCalendar file. It can also serve as a publishing tool for a set of linked web pages.

As a project planning environment, Org works by adding metadata to outline nodes. Based on this data, specific entries can be extracted in queries and create dynamic agenda views.

Org mode contains the Org Babel environment which allows you to work with embedded source code blocks in a file, to facilitate code evaluation, documentation, and tangling.

Org's automatic, context-sensitive table editor with spreadsheet capabilities can be integrated into any major mode by activating the minor Orgtbl mode. Using a translation step, it can be used to maintain tables in arbitrary file types, for example in LaTeX. The structure editing and list creation capabilities can be used outside Org with the minor Orgstruct mode.

Org keeps simple things simple. When first fired up, it should feel like a straightforward, easy to use outliner. Complexity is not imposed, but a large amount of functionality is available when you need it. Org is a toolbox and can be used in different ways and for different ends, for example:

  • an outline extension with visibility cycling and structure editing
  • an ASCII system and table editor for taking structured notes
  • a TODO list editor
  • a full agenda and planner with deadlines and work scheduling
  • an environment in which to implement David Allen's GTD system
  • a simple hypertext system, with HTML and LaTeX export
  • a publishing tool to create a set of interlinked webpages
  • an environment for literate programming

There is a website for Org which provides links to the newest version of Org, as well as additional information, frequently asked questions (FAQ), links to tutorials, etc. This page is located at http://orgmode.org.


1 Quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Quick brown fox jumps ove the lazy dog.

2 There is a link to Orgmode.org.

3 inline definition

4 named definition

Date: 2010-10-26 Sat

Author: Jambunathan K

Org version 7.5 with Emacs version 24

Validate XHTML 1.0

Jambunathan K.


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