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[O] Re: [PATCH][ANN] org-html/org-odt

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: [O] Re: [PATCH][ANN] org-html/org-odt
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 14:25:57 +0530
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>> This patch introduces 3 major features:
>> 1. A generic exporter
> Let me understand: this is more a generalization of the HTML export than
> a true generic exporter, right?  The docstring of org-do-export suggests
> so.  Rewriting org-html.el so that the HTML export is done in a more
> generic way is a *good* thing, but we should be careful with the naming
> of the functions here.

You have a valid point here. We need to pick a nice name that doesn't
conflict with existing well-established names. For now let's just call
it the newhtml exporter.

With the patch out the door and open for review, we can work out the
docstrings, compilation issues and naming conventions etc. Honestly
speaking I have not spent much time on fixing those.

The exporter does support 2 backends - HTML and ODT, btw.

>> 2. All new html backend re-implemented as a plugin to (1).
>> 3. A odt backend as a plugin to (1).
> This makes sense.
>> The patch is based on git commit 3d802.
> Please everyone test it and report any problem.  I was kept away from
> Org due to personal issues the last week, but I'm available again.

(To the users, testers and early adopters)

Please report any regressions for your particular use-case. I will give
highest priority to addressing the regressions to HTML exporter.

If you have tried the new exporter, a simple note saying that it doesn't
remove or alter existing functionality is also a great help. This gives
that much more confidence that the patch does work adveritzed. More than
anything else, you would have your say on what interests you the most
and accelerating the process of integration.

Jambunathan K.

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