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Re: [O] Re: Continuation of main section text after subsections ?

From: Cian
Subject: Re: [O] Re: Continuation of main section text after subsections ?
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 20:48:38 +0100

Wouldn't blocks that allowed org headings offer this. If I understand
this correctly, what you're really looking for is the ability to mark
certain bits of text as one blob, so that you can move them around
easily as you draft a paper, without worrying about pulling other bits
of the paper. So this would work:

* First level
blah blah

** Second level

some text

* Third level
because all headings within the block are treated as subheadings of
the containing level

** Fourth level
This is some rubbish that I'm not sure about


This is different rubbish that will stay here if I cut the block above me

Would something along those lines serve?

On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 5:11 PM, Marcel van der Boom <address@hidden> wrote:
> On zo 27-mrt-2011 16:52
> Cian <address@hidden> wrote:
>> You can't do that, as it would be akin to trying to have in a book
>> Section 1
>> Stuff
>> Section 1.1.1
>> More stuff
>> Now this goes under Section 1
>> Not really an idiom that makes sense (I find its best to think of
>> org-mode's headings as chapter headers
> Agreed, for paper books that would not make much sense (depending on
> how you do it) and that fact kept me from asking the question for a
> while.
> For electronic texts however, especially in the drafting stage where
> (sub-)sections get shuffled around, promoted, demoted, split etc. it
> does make sense, to me at least.
> When writing I tend to think about org headings as 'handles' to a
> logical block of information, including its child blocks. Apparently my
> analogy clashes with what org-mode wants. I had my hopes on a
> customization option.
> Is there a strong reason this could not work as an option in org-mode?
> marcel
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