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[O] Re: zotero (or mendeley) integration with org

From: Stephen Eglen
Subject: [O] Re: zotero (or mendeley) integration with org
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 12:39:26 +0100
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> Agreed. Google Scholar citations need very close proofreading, as they
> can be erroneous or poorly formatted. 

Thanks Matt - I'd agree with this, having seen oddities from google
scholar.  I emailed them ages ago about one problem (formatting of
initials in author names), but never heard back... it is a pity that
there is no mechanism for tidying up their references, as it seems to be
the best thing out there that covers all the fields.

Having said that, if google scholar can save me some typing, I'll
happilyuse it as a starting point for a bibtex entry.  I've just started
using pdfmeat -- this is nice, as given a pdf, it outputs the
corresponding bibtex entry from google scholar.  Probably works similar
to the way zotero does it, but can be used straight from the command


(Warning: I couldn't get one of the python dependencies, unidecode, to
work on mac, but it does work on ubuntu for me.)

> accessed by bibsnarf are limited to math and sciences. Since I use
> biblatex together with the Chicago Manual of Style, any bibtex entry I
> clip has to be edited and tweaked substantially. (Indeed, manual editing
> is unavoidable when using biblatex.)

If its not too tangential, why do you use biblatex -- is it the future
for bibtex?

Thanks for summarising your workflow, very helpful.


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