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Re: [O] [PATCH][ANN] org-html/org-odt

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: Re: [O] [PATCH][ANN] org-html/org-odt
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 14:03:42 +0530
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I have fixed most of the issues that you had reported earlier. 

I have added two new features:

1. Attaching Custom Styles to the document
   - See http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.orgmode/40026

2. TOC and Outline numbering are done natively. i.e.,
   Tools->Update->Update All would update TOC index automagically. (This
   wasn't the case with earlier exporter)

> * Blocks
> There's no syntax highlighting in exported src blocks (ODT and HTML
> both). Not a priority?

Currently syntax highlighting is done using htmlize. This package is not
part of Emacs proper and has to be installed separately. Since my setup
instructions doesn't include htmlize as part of load path, HTML source
blocks are uncolored.

As for ODT, fonitification support is missing. I can probably take it up
once my sources gets in to Orgmode proper.

As a side-note, I wonder htmlize was preferred over htmlfontify for
fontification of source blocks. The latter package is part of Emacs
proper. One advantage of using htmlfontify is that fontification can
work out of the box.

> The OrgVerse style can, luckily, be changed to something more
> poetic...

May be if you can share your config for OrgVerse I can include it in the
default styles file.

> * Verbatim LaTeX
> I can't report on the LaTeX math display (never got dvipng to install
> on my system).
> What I /can/ report is that with the =LaTeX:verbatim option=, which
> you probably haven't tested, LaTeX equation environments are not
> exported (everything after the =\begin{equation}= line is missing or
> not visible). This is copy-pasted from test.odt:
> #+begin_example
>   6.5.1 LaTeX Fragment1
>   There is a equation down below.
>   \begin{equation}
>   6.5.2 LaTeX Fragment2
>   \begin{equation}
>   If $a^2=b$ and \( b=2 \), then the solution must be either $$
> a=+\sqrt{2} $$ or \[ a=-\sqrt{2} \].
> #+end_example

I have fixed issues with LaTeX: verbatim.

> Everything shows up in HTML, but linebreaks before the
> =\end{equation}= line are lost.

In the master branch, the html exporter doesn't seem to be terminating
each line of \begin{equation} ... \end{equation} with <br/>. I see your
POV that including of line breaks will make the output pretty. For now I
have retained the existing behaviour of HTML exporter.

> * Links
> The link to =Dedicated Target1= under 8.2.3 does not work when clicked
> (in odt -- it works in html). Hovering does show a popup,
> =.OrgXref.Dedicated-Target1=. All other links work as expected.

I have fixed this.

> * Captions, labels, references
> - *Captions/labels/references* do not yet integrate well with
>   OpenOffice.

>   - The illustration in sec 6.2.2 is captioned "Illustration fig:1024
>     Unicorn Logo", echoing the label. One would probably prefer
>     something *auto-numbered* like "Illustration 1: Unicorn Logo".

>     - (Even better if there were possible to choose other types names,
>       like Chart, Figure, etc.).

References in Orgmode file are currently coded like this
"\ref{fig:1024}". Note that this is of the form "category:value" where
category could be one (or any) of Chart, Figure etc and value is the
sequential value.

In the example above (which if from my test.org file) you will see that
Fig appears in caption and all Fig stuff is sequentially numbered once
the Document is updated with Tools->Update->Update All.

Note: For sake of completeness one can declare "Fig" as sequential
variable in content.xml as is done for "Illustrations".

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
<text:sequence-decl text:display-outline-level=\"0\" 
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

This is done as part of `org-odt-begin-office-body'.

>   - The reference to the same illustration is a hyperlink containing
>     part of the label text ("1024"). A *cross-reference field* would
>     be preferable to a hyperlink, and "Illustration 1" or similar
>     better than "1024".

>   - The table caption in sec 9.2, on the other hand, works the way I
>     would want illustration captions to work: What appears in the
>     caption is not the label text ("table:10"), but the auto-numbered
>     "Table 1 An Example Table".

>     - (It would be nice to have a colon or other *separator* between
>       label and caption text: "Table 1: An Example Table".)

The caption now has a Colon separator.

>   - However, the reference to that table appears as a hyperlink saying
>     "10", and the hyperlink does not appear to work. A cross-reference
>     link to "Table 1" would be better.

> On opening, caption and reference labels include verbatim the
> reference key used in the Org source, which was my main concern last
> time.
> But now I realize that this is not an issue after all! =Tools > Update 
>> Update all= takes care of automatic renumbering of all 
> labels/references. This should probably be mentioned in the
> documentation.

Tools->Update->Update All (OpenOffice.org) will make sure that all
references to Tables and Images are 'correct'. Yes, this needs to be
mentioned in the manual.

> Exporting one of my own documents, I also found that:

> - A space is inserted before *footnote markers*; it shouldn't be. You
>   can't see this in the text document, where there is space before all
>   footnote references anyway.

> - Paragraphs were frequently split up, mid-sentence, by unwanted
>   paragraph breaks. This bug is a bit of a mystery. The extra
>   paragraph breaks appear where there is a newline in the text. But I
>   can't discern any pattern as to why breaks are inserted at these
>   newlines and not others. Nothing similar happens in HTML export.

Doest his problem still exists with the new odt exporter. Can you send
me a sample .org file and the generated .odt file.

> Tomorrow, I'll throw a 40-page report at it and see what happens.
> :)

What happened?

> Yours,
> Christian
> On 3/20/11 7:32 PM, Jambunathan K wrote:
>> This is a formal request to integrate my org-html.el&  org-odt.el
>> changes in to the master branch.
>> This patch introduces 3 major features:
>> 1. A generic exporter
>> 2. All new html backend re-implemented as a plugin to (1).
>> 3. A odt backend as a plugin to (1).
>> The patch is based on git commit 3d802.
>> I am attaching a sample test.org and test.html file generated by the
>> above set of changes.
>> Http URL for the repo is:
>> - http://repo.or.cz/w/org-mode/org-jambu.git/shortlog/refs/heads/staging
>> (`staging' branch of `org-jambu.git')
>> Let me know if you have any questions.
>> ps: Considering the amount of effort I have already invested in these
>> patches it is almost impossible for me to break down this monolithic
>> patch in to series of smaller patches. I would be willing to accommodate
>> all other requests.
>> Jambunathan K.

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