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[O] [PATCH] customize latex table export

From: Christophe Rhodes
Subject: [O] [PATCH] customize latex table export
Date: Thu, 19 May 2011 13:34:06 +0100
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To produce documents in something approaching my organization's house
style, I need to be able to style the headers of tables.  It's nice that
orgtbl has the functionality for this, but the call to orgtbl-to-latex
has a hard-coded list of parameters with no possibility for extension.
With the attached patch, I am able to put e.g.

#+BIND: org-export-latex-tables-orgtbl-extra-parameters (:hfmt 

in the header of my document, and tables throughout the document all
pick up this style.

I daresay that this is not the optimal way of doing things; while this
solves my immediate problem there is likely to be a more general way of
doing things.

Attachment: 0002-allow-customization-of-table-headers-in-latex-export.patch
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