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Re: [O] [ANN] Org-mode Q&A test drive on stackexchange.com - Please part

From: Mark Elston
Subject: Re: [O] [ANN] Org-mode Q&A test drive on stackexchange.com - Please participate!
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2011 12:49:41 -0700
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It appears this request has been closed as a duplicate of the
emacs.stackexchange.com project which is currently in progress.


On 7/20/2011 11:12 PM, Thomas Renkert wrote:
Hello list,

after reading the responses to my initial suggestion yesterday
(http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.orgmode/44582) I've set up a
proposal on are51.stackexchange.com for a SE-site that is dedicated to
Org-mode only.

Think something like http://tex.stackexchange.com solely for Org-mode!

This is *only* meant as an addition to the existing ways of
documentation (the manual, the mailing list, worg etc.). The idea is
that a SE-like interface facilitates quick and dynamic solutions to
different questions, from basic to expert, from notetaking to Gnus to
LaTeX to literate programming.

Questions can be tagged and users can follow those tags and users that
are relevant to their own interest and use cases.

*If you can see at least some possible value in this, please log in and
follow the proposal here* :

After gathering enough followers and sample questions, we will move on
from phase 1 to the other phases and hopefully get to the beta-phase
where the site is actually usable.

This process has the advantage that it serves as a poll among org-mode
users at the same time.

If there is enough interest, it will get going. If there is not, it will
die. And this part requires no work from our site. Also, we won't have
any work with setting it up or maintaining it.

Q: "But stackexchange is closed source! This goes against my principles!"

A: If this works out and we feel the need to take matters into our own
hands, we can still install askbot.org (FOSS). Using stackexchange for
now is simply the most pragmatic way.

Q: "What about the dissemination of information?"

A: Most tutorials, hacks etc. on worg are originally independent blog
posts or the result of longer discussions on the mailing list. People
needed to be asked to contribute them in a compact and digestible format
to worg. I see no problem in doing the same thing with interesting
questions and solutions on our SE site.

Once again, please contribute your voice to the SE proposal. If you have
your own blog or if you are on www.emacswiki.org or
http://planet.emacsen.org, it would be awesome if you could make a small
post with this button embedded so it attracts more people:

src="http://area51.stackexchange.com/ads/proposal/33822.png"; width="220"
height="250" alt="Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Org-Mode: Your Life
in Plain
Text. An Emacs Mode for Notes, Todo Lists, Project Planning, and
Authoring." /></a>

If people like this idea, maybe we could put this link on the
orgmode.org frontpage?

Thanks for reading.


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