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[O] how to narrow Clock Total on repeating tasks?

From: Michael Gilbert
Subject: [O] how to narrow Clock Total on repeating tasks?
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2011 11:36:10 -0700

Hi —

I use the effort and clocking features of OM to a large degree and am trying to 
deepen that further. I have run into one problem that I don't know how to 
apprach. Quite possibly there is an obvious answer in the manual that I've 
missed and if so, please forgive me. (I have noticed that most of my questions 
don't, in fact, have such answers though.) I am trying to figure out how to 
limit the calculation of the clocking total to the latest iteration of a 
repeating task.

The most obvious place where this plays out is in column view. I am working my 
way through my agenda in column view, estimating efforts or reviewing my effort 
estimates against real-time clocking. The clock total in this view shows the 
full total over all iterations of repeating tasks — not helpful for this use 

Am I being clear? (I hate to over-explain something to a group of this 
calibre.) Any advice on how to change that?

— Michael

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