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[O] Wishlist: LaTeX export: automatically append backslash to "." unless

From: Andras Major
Subject: [O] Wishlist: LaTeX export: automatically append backslash to "." unless at end of sentence
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2011 08:50:52 +0200


in TeX and LaTeX, the width of the glue (blank space) after a "." can
be one of two different values, depending on the context.  There is
always a longer space between sentences than after a "." that doesn't
mark the end of a sentence (abbreviations, dates, etc.).  Since
TeX/LaTeX usually can't recognize the latter case by itself, one can
help out by writing ".\ " or ".~" explicitly to enforce a short space.
Without these hints, printed output will look typographically wrong.

Org-mode export doesn't allow me to easily include these hints without
affecting readability and export to other formats.  Therefore I ask
that LaTeX export places ". " or ".\ " in the output automatically
depending on the context:

- If, in the source, the "." precedes a double space " " or a newline,
  use ". ".

- In any other case, use ".\ ".

The reason this would work is the Emacs convention of writing ASCII
such that there is at least one more space (at least two) between
sentences.  I believe that the Emacs fill-* functions also make use of
this convention.



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