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Re: [O] Wishlist: LaTeX export: automatically append backslash to "." un

From: Daniel Bausch
Subject: Re: [O] Wishlist: LaTeX export: automatically append backslash to "." unless at end of sentence
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2011 11:35:11 +0200
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I'd like to note, that ".~" would lead to a hard space, that disallows a line 
break, so I think only ".\ " is correct, although Emacs M-q does not break 
after ". " with a single space, too, to be able to detect sentence ends.


Am Freitag, 19. August 2011, 08:50:52 schrieb Andras Major:
> in TeX and LaTeX, the width of the glue (blank space) after a "." can
> be one of two different values, depending on the context.  There is
> always a longer space between sentences than after a "." that doesn't
> mark the end of a sentence (abbreviations, dates, etc.).  Since
> TeX/LaTeX usually can't recognize the latter case by itself, one can
> help out by writing ".\ " or ".~" explicitly to enforce a short space.
> Without these hints, printed output will look typographically wrong.
> Org-mode export doesn't allow me to easily include these hints without
> affecting readability and export to other formats.  Therefore I ask
> that LaTeX export places ". " or ".\ " in the output automatically
> depending on the context:
> - If, in the source, the "." precedes a double space " " or a newline,
>   use ". ".
> - In any other case, use ".\ ".
> The reason this would work is the Emacs convention of writing ASCII
> such that there is at least one more space (at least two) between
> sentences.  I believe that the Emacs fill-* functions also make use of
> this convention.
> Thanks,
>   András

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