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[O] [babel] Producing figures from octave

From: Ethan Ligon
Subject: [O] [babel] Producing figures from octave
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 14:36:09 -0700

Dan Davison has a brief worg tutorial on using babel with octave at


Amongst other things, he offers the following example block for
producing a figure:

#+begin_src octave :output file :file chart.png
figure( 1, "visible", "off" );
print -dpng chart.png


The figure seems to be (briefly) created (it pops up on my screen if I
change 'figure( 1, "visible", "off" );' to 'figure( 1, "visible",
"on");'; also the code provided does the right thing in the octave interpreter).

However, rather than delivering the png figure, the file chart.png
consists solely of the string "/usr/share/octave/packages/3.2".  I'm
not sure where this string is coming from: it's *not* part of the
stuff that octave writes to stdout when the interpreter is invoked (my
first guess).

I suspect that the options that need to be offered on the #+begin_src
line have changed somehow since that worg page was last updated at the
end of April of this year, but don't really know.

Ethan Ligon, Associate Professor
Agricultural & Resource Economics
University of California, Berkeley

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