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[O] Clearing checkboxes after a recurring task is done

From: Tatsuhito Koya
Subject: [O] Clearing checkboxes after a recurring task is done
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2011 10:39:05 -0700


I have a recurring task defined something like this:

* TODO Inspect systems
DEADLINE: <2011-06-01 Wed +1m>
- [ ] Inspect System A
- [ ] Inspect System B
- [ ] Inspect System C
- [ ] Inspect System D

The variable org-enforce-todo-dependencies is set, so that I cannot change
this task to DONE until all systems are inspected.

I notice that even if I change the task to DONE, the checkboxes are still checked
although the deadline is moved forward by a month. Is there a way to automatically
clear the checkboxes when I change the task to DONE?

I checked the manual but could not find relevant information.

I am using org-mode 7.7 and GNU emacs for Windows 23.3.1.

Thank you,

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