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Re: [O] Best practices? Multiple .org files?

From: Brian Wood
Subject: Re: [O] Best practices? Multiple .org files?
Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2011 09:36:33 -0700
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1. I would like to still see the same top-level tree that I see now
when I shift-Tab e.g:
Here's the closest thing I've found to show all top-level items across all .org files

C-c a s
{^\* }

If you use (setq org-agenda-start-with-follow-mode t), you can surf through this list looking at your other files. I will have to try to learn enough lisp to bind the above command to a key combo maybe M-Shift Tab. (If anyone wants to send me the lisp that'd be great!)

Brian Wood
Applications Programmer
UC Berkeley IST Application Services

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