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Re: [O] Clicking on URL does convert some special characters

From: David Maus
Subject: Re: [O] Clicking on URL does convert some special characters
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2011 21:29:07 +0200
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At Wed, 07 Sep 2011 11:20:03 +0200,
Sebastien Vauban wrote:
> Hello,
> I just realized a diff in behavior between 3 URL entered in the Org buffer
> with slight differences:
> - http://web.com/file.php?name=Rep&path=%2FPROJ%2FSomeFile.txt
>   This one is correctly exported, but when clicking on it from the Org buffer,
>   the URL opened in the browser is
>   http://web.com/file.php?name=Rep&path=%252FPROJ%252FSomeFile.txt,
>                                           ^^       ^^
>   hence path not found error.
> - [[http://web.com/file.php?name=Rep&path=%2FPROJ%2FSomeFile.txt]]
>   Works OK in Org and in exported HTML file.
> - 
> [[http://web.com/file.php?name=Rep&path=%2FPROJ%2FSomeFile.txt][Description]]
>   Idem.

I'll look into this. Looks like the plain link is escaped before
passed to the browser.

  -- David
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