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Re: [O] Use id property as anchor in the Table of Contents

From: Pere Quintana Seguí
Subject: Re: [O] Use id property as anchor in the Table of Contents
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2011 12:53:05 +0200

2011/9/8 Bernt Hansen <address@hidden>
> Pere Quintana Seguí <address@hidden> writes:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm using Org-mode to publish my website. One of my site's pages has
> > a lot of sections and the number of sections is increasing rapidly.
> >
> > My problem is that the HTML exporter, in the Table of Contents, is
> > using the section numbers as anchors. As the section numbers change
> > with time, I can't get stable links across versions of the document.
> >
> > As many of the sections (headings) have id properties, I'd like the
> > HTML exporter to use them as anchor for the Table of Contents, when
> > available.
> >
> > Is this possible? I didn't find an answer in the manual.
> >
> > As an example. This is the document I'm working on:
> > http://pere.quintanasegui.com/diccionari-tecnologia.html#sec-2-78
> >
> > As you can see, section 2.78, called RSS, has the anchor sec-2-78. If
> > the anchor was its id "04E3903E-EAF1-499F-98CD-9E3E4BA0806A", the
> > link would remain the same in the future. I don't mind if the URL is
> > not human readable. Sec-2-78 isn't human readable too.
> Hi Pere,
> You can manually provide CUSTOM_ID properties.  These ids are used in
> the TOC.
> e.g.
> * Reminders
>  :CUSTOM_ID: Reminders
>  :END:
> for
> http://doc.norang.ca/org-mode.html#Reminders

OK, thanks for the tip. That's an option, but unfortunately it is not

> I don't know if there is a way to use the ID property automatically.

Unfortunately I don't know lisp, so I can't modify org-mode to provide
this feature :'(

If anyone is willing, I would be very grateful.



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