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Re: [O] deft - A Notational Velocity mode for emacs

From: timetrap
Subject: Re: [O] deft - A Notational Velocity mode for emacs
Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2011 09:56:09 -0400

Oh it's not my work .... the author is Jason Blevins.

On Sep 10, 2011 9:51 AM, "Rasmus" <address@hidden> wrote:
> timetrap <address@hidden> writes:
>> And you can specify your own major mode(perfect for org-mode) ... my
>> head just exploded, and my weekend schedule is now centered around
>> rewriting my init.el. :-)
>> http://jblevins.org/projects/deft/
>> This is different than org-velocity, as it uses multiple text files
>> rather than an org-file or a bucket file, you can also add or delete
>> files from within deft-mode.
> I don't know howm, but deft seems swell.
> However, it might be nice to have deft-directory accept a list of
> folders. I keep my notes in multiple folders based on subject.
> Alternatively, I could collect symlinks to important files in one
> folder, but this requires more work on my part. The same may be true for
> deft-extension. I might want to keep my ledger file as well as my org
> files in deft.
> In a similar spirit, when I create a new file I'd want it to placed in a
> specific folder. It it would be nice if deft would ask me where to save
> the new file. Maybe there could even be a variable containing my
> favorite folders, which I could quickly select from.
> A use case would be the following:
> - Type in the name of the note RET
> - A list of known folders is shown. A sensible default is
> highlighted. Thus, RET RET will simulate current behavior.
> - Alternatively I may select a desired folder from the list (I am
> thinking an ido-list).
> Just a though.
> I appreciate your work.
> Thanks,
> Rasmus
> --
> Sent from my Emacs

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