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[O] Showing remaining time in agenda mode

From: Mats Kindahl
Subject: [O] Showing remaining time in agenda mode
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2011 09:34:25 +0200
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Hi all,

I have been using Org-Mode with great success over the last year (or
so). There is a number of items that I need to handle, and I am
reading through the code to try to figure out how to do the various
items. However, recently I switched to using 7.7, which disabled a
feature I use (but it seems to just be a matter of setting it up
again) but also seem to have a lot of additions that I need.

Beginning of each week, I plan the coming week using the agenda mode
to sort out tasks over the week. To do this efficiently, I have been
looking at Effort for each task and the summary for the day, and when
the default column view for the agenda showed Effort and Clock, this
worked quite well if you manage to complete the tasks during a week.
However, quite often I run across tasks that I cannot easily split
into smaller tasks and which take more than a week to complete (even
though the tasks themselves might be small, I can just spend a few
hours each week on them), which forces me to make the math in the head
to distribute the right amount for each day.

Now, the default column view changed with 7.7, so I have no idea on
how to set up the agenda column view to show the following:

    * Each "task line" should show Item, Effort, Clock, and Clock - Effort
    * Each "day line" should show the summary of (at least) the Effort
      and the Clock - Effort

Does anybody know how to set this up, or do I need to go digging the code?

Best wishes,
Mats Kindahl

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