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Re: [O] [babel] Error when exporting a trivial org file to HTML: Wrong t

From: Eric Schulte
Subject: Re: [O] [babel] Error when exporting a trivial org file to HTML: Wrong type argument: stringp, (results . "")
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2011 13:16:16 -0600
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Hi Leo,

On my system with the latest Org-mode I get the following slightly more
helpful error message.

  variable "foo" must be assigned a default value

Please add a default value to the foo variable for export and evaluation
of the code block to work.

Best -- Eric

Leo Alekseyev <address@hidden> writes:

> Here is what's in my org file:
> ------------------------8<--------
> #+title:   My org file
> #+babel: :session *R-babel* :tangle yes
> * The problem
> ** The code
> This is going to fail on export:
> #+source: test_code
> #+BEGIN_SRC R :results output silent :exports none :var foo
>   bar <- foo
> Why does this fail?
> #+call: test_code(foo=200)
> #+results: test_code(foo=200)
> ------------------------8<--------
> Simple, right?  Yet, when I try to do org-export-as-html, I get:
> executing R code block (test_code)...
> result is ""
> ""
> executing Emacs-Lisp code block...
> (results (quote ""))
> Code block produced no output.
> org-babel-exp-code: Wrong type argument: stringp, (results . "")
> This happens with the latest org-mode from trunk, as well as my
> few-months-old version.  What's going on?

Eric Schulte

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