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[O] Patch to customize output of tables in LaTeX exporter.

From: Niels Giesen
Subject: [O] Patch to customize output of tables in LaTeX exporter.
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 19:09:46 +0200
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Dear list,

Attached is a patch that allows some customization of tables in LaTeX

It adds three new customizable with default values:

  org-export-latex-tables-tstart : nil
  org-export-latex-tables-hline  : "\\hline"
  org-export-latex-tables-tend   : nil

These variables allows users to use e.g. the booktabs package (use
\\toprule, \\midrule and \\bottomrule for the respective variables above
- these are options you'll find in the defcustoms too) and create more
beautiful tables in LaTeX documents.

The patch also fixes the double rule after the table head when using a
longtable environment, as this 1) is ugly and 2) caused booktabs
longtables to go quite awry.

The patch does - save for the longtable fix - bring no change to the
export of existing code as long as the defaults are not changed.

Attachment: 0001-Add-defcustoms-for-LaTeX-export-of-table-rules-tstar.patch
Description: [PATCH] to customize LaTeX output of tables (e.g. to use booktabs package)


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