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Re: [O] Trying to use a custom face for highlighting tags used in agenda

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: [O] Trying to use a custom face for highlighting tags used in agenda filtering
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 01:39:38 +0200
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Hi S├ębastien,

"Sebastien Vauban" <address@hidden> writes:

>> I've updated the patch using org-propertize instead of propertize
> OK, for better XEmacs support, if I understand well.


>> and using a better default for the face :)
> Well, I wouldn't call org-default a better default, but that's fine with me. I
> mean: if org-default is black for the majority of the people, they won't even
> see that you can customize that aspect of the modeline (in a light
> scheme).

Well, org-default is *not* a good default, 'modeline is.  I've pushed a
fix for this.

> So, I prefer some color (I chose orange) that everybody can customize, and
> that makes everybody be aware of the tags used for filtering (in this case).
> But, as said, I don't mind the default: I'll customize it anyway for my own
> usage.

One advantage of making the use of a face visible is to let people 
know they can change it.  In this case, changing the weight or using 
a different color may be an option -- let's see if people come up 
with good ideas.

>>> I'd like even to be able to put in one color the "positive" tags and in
>>> another the "negative" ones, but that's above my current knowledge of
>>> text-properties...
>> Maybe you can start by replacing the 'identity function in the (mapconcat
>> ...) by some (lambda (f) (if ...)) to check whether each tag filter starts
>> with a + or a -. Just an idea.
> Just that I'm still to ignorant of the inner working of property list. But
> it's nice to give me a hint. That could help me to quicklier come with a
> working solution.

Thanks for your time in digging into this!



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